Blockchain 4.0 network #MetaHash launches secure messenger #MetaTalk

#MetaHash, a network based on blockchain 4.0 technology for sharing digital assets and a platform for creating and managing decentralized apps and services, has announced the launch of #MetaTalk, its secure messenger app.

The dApp was launched for the sake of comfortable and secure interaction between #MetaHash users, and allows communicating in a fully anonymous and encrypted way.

A user that wishes to use #MetaTalk generates public and private keys for messaging and publishes the public key in #MetaHash blockchain on the first login while registering their wallet ID to receive encrypted messages. AES_cfb128_encrypt function is used to secure the content of the messages.

No matter if the messages are transmitted through the cloud or blockchain, in any case, they can’t be read by anybody who doesn’t have the private key to decrypt them, while this key is generated locally by the receiver, the sender also encrypts the message locally for the recipient’s pub-key.

The messenger is designed to become a part of #MetaHash ecosystem and in the further updates will offer additional features and functions such as:

Additionally, pay to contact/read/reply feature will be added soon, which will allow users to get paid for their attention allowing them to earn MHC coins and effectively filter out spam messages.

“The first version of #MetaTalk shows how a dApp can transmit sensitive information through decentralized cloud or blockchain without compromising security. We welcome 3d party developers to use the protocol, it will be fully open and can be used inside #MetaGate or in any other applications on any OS.”

The #MetaHash Team
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