AXEL blockchain data platform to integrate user verification from KABN

AXEL, a provider of decentralized data privacy and data custody solutions, has announced a partnership with KABN, an integrated financial solutions platform that will implement its Blockchain Verification User Platform (BVUP) to the recently launched AXEL.Network, a global, decentralized platform.

Using KABN’s BVUP will greatly enhance the value and security levels of AXEL’s ecosystem for existing and new development teams and users, by creating a verification and non-private attribute whitelist, which will improve content development and sharing.

“Partnering with KABN is a great opportunity to continue providing users everywhere with real solutions for data privacy and ownership,” noted Ben Ow, President, and CTO of AXEL. “KABN is a company that shares our vision and offers innovative technology that will strengthen the development of our AXEL.Network platform, as well as build a strong community for our project.”

AXEL and KABN will be working together to verify users on AXEL’s super node, creating a known community of users. As the program progresses, more aggregated public attributes data will become available through various incentive and interactive solutions. This will provide existing and new developers who engage with AXEL, the ability to reach a rapidly growing list of community members, leading to a potentially faster engagement cycle for projects on the AXEL platform.

“We’re very excited to announce our partnership with AXEL as we assist them with their verification and public attributes program,” said Ben Kessler, CEO KABN. “Together, we will be making it easier for developers and users to engage in the AXEL ecosystem.”