Blockmason Link and MagnaChain partner to advance blockchain-based gaming

Blockmason, a developer of foundational, base-layer blockchain technologies, and MagnaChain, a developer and operator of blockchain systems and distributed applications, today announced the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) and collaboration to advance the blockchain-based game development industry.

Per the terms of the MOU, the companies are aiming to reduce the barriers faced by game developers and gamers, creating a healthier, more sustainable gaming ecosystem for all parties.

“We’re excited to partner with MagnaChain, a company doing innovative work in the blockchain-based gaming space. We see this partnership as one that can help players and developers alike benefit from the upcoming “blockchain era” of gaming history.”

Michael Chin, CEO of Blockmason. Hal Bame, CEO of MagnaChain

Blockmason’s Link is a new blockchain infrastructure-as-a-service that allows blockchain-based game developers to use programmatic blockchains like MagnaChain in their applications without requiring any blockchain experience. With Link, developers can create games that interact with smart contracts and blockchains like any other web or mobile API.

There are no cryptocurrencies to acquire, browser plugins to install or servers to maintain or monitor. A developer simply adds their smart contracts to Link and uses the resulting APIs in their game or app. At the heart of Link is BLINK, the utility token which provides Link users with API transaction capacity.

MagnaChain is a public blockchain platform built by game developers, for game developers. MagnaChain aims to usher in the mass adoption of gaming on the blockchain with streamlined development tools and rapid transaction times, along with the sense of community and collaboration that the blockchain provides.

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