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Crypto exchange Mandala provides major upgrade in Version 0.9.9

Crypto exchange Mandala provides major upgrade in Version 0.9.9

Mandala, a high-performance cryptocurrency exchange built in Go-lang, a programming language designed for computationally intense server applications, today announced some big advances on the exchange with much more in the pipeline as the team continues to push through development cycles, expanding the foundation of the Mandala Exchange.

The team reports that the work is not over and with the official designation of Version 0.9.9, it certainly paves the way for an anticipated Version 1 release sometime in the near future.

New Features

  • Users can now export CSVs of their trade history and wallet history
  • Tables can be queried through the search bar, making it easier to navigate
  • Added Wallet BTC sum so users can see their total holdings estimated value.

Bugs and Other Fixes

  • Resolved an issue related to the chart that would cause the app to crash sporadically.
  • Created order component is further styled for browser responsiveness
  • Created Order forms clear when changing markets
  • Added general error pages, 404
  • Fixed issue with address tags
  • Improvement of the currencies overview page

Ideas regarding what’s coming next on Mandala can be found below:

  • Modular and customized interface local saving
  • Light and dark mode
  • Wallet estimated Fiat balance
  • CCXT integration

Mandala exchange features the MDX token, which is secured by BitGo’s vaulted cold wallet infrastructure. BitGo is also a custody service provider of the exchange.

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Hi I’m sure the project is going well. I look forward to trading on the platform in the near future and using my MDX tokens.