SIRIN LABS selects KoolSpan to secure communication for FINNEY blockchain phone

SIRIN LABS, the creator of the secure FINNEY blockchain smartphone, announced today its most recent partnership with KoolSpan, the provider of TrustCall Secure Communications, enabling FINNEY users to protect their phone calls and chat and messages with secure and strong end-to-end encryption.

The SIRIN LABS-KoolSpan cooperation marks an important step towards global adoption of FINNEY as the world’s first and most secure blockchain smartphone. Consumers of FINNEY will have free use of the TrustCall Global Service until March 31st, 2019.

Telecommunications networks globally are vulnerable to monitoring and surveillance of phone calls and text messages at the hands of cyber criminals, corporate hackers, and nation states. These parties commit corporate espionage, steal intellectual property and sensitive financial information, monitor the calls and messages of targeted individuals, and compromise the privacy and security of people globally.

TrustCall by KoolSpan is the leading solution delivering end-to-end (E2E) encryption for phone calls and messages/chats. TrustCall delivers secure phone calls with high-definition audio through an easy to use and intuitive solution. TrustCall users can make secure phone calls that sound as good as regular, unsecure calls.

In addition, FINNEY users can invite their friends, family, and colleagues to TrustCall, extending free utilization of the TrustCall Global Service until March 31st to others.

“We are thrilled to enter into a strategic partnership with KoolSpan. Together we are protecting FINNEY users from the leading cybersecurity threat to professional and personal communications.”

CEO of SIRIN LABS, Zvika Landau

“KoolSpan is proud to partner with SIRIN LABS and the launch of the FINNEY, the world’s most secure blockchain phone. This partnership is an important milestone towards providing more security and privacy for mobile devices and mobile communications for people everywhere.”

Nigel Jones, KoolSpan CEO
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