New features added to Digital Assets Power Play crypto data platform

Back in September, Digital Assets Power Play (DAPP) launched DPP DataStreams — empowering traders with new tools for the crypto market with comprehensive and consolidated data. The DataStreams launch not only marked the first of five services that will be available on the DPP Platform but also provided access to crypto market data through a single, easy-to-use API.

Now, the DAPP team has launched the first feature update to DataStreams. As of December 11th, users now have access to additional technical indicators, indices, and the new Market Spread and Message of the Day features.

Let’s take a closer look at these new features and updates:

Market Spread

The new Market Spread feature provides traders with an overview of the best arbitrage opportunities per pair, live streaming 45 pairs with the largest market spreads. Providing insight and opportunity for arbitrage and showcasing one of the use-cases. Additional features will be added over time, including searchable arbitrage opportunities per pair.

The Message of the Day & Inbox Messages

The message of the Day (MotD) is the DAPP team’s little way of keeping you posted on the latest and most important news related to DPP. Whether it’s new feature updates, bug fixes, or major announcements. The platform also implemented Inbox Messages where the team can privately contact users with the latest news and information.

New Indices

DAPP has added six new predefined volume-weighted market indices bringing the total to ten. These include EOS/USD, LTC/USD, ZRX/USD, BCH/USD, ETC/USD, TRX/USD. These new indices are also visible in the index bar or within DataStreams. The team says it will continue to add more exclusive indices that will be automatically available for all DPP DataStreams users (Basic, Professional, and Enterprise).

Technical Indicators

A total of seven new technical indicators (TI) with predefined attributes have been added across two different exchanges, bringing the total number of streaming indicators to 15. Along with BTC/USD on Coinbase Pro (GDAX), DAPP has also added new technical indicators for every market on Bitstamp bringing the total number of markets to 16.


DataStreams BASIC users now have access to 15 TI on one predefined market — Coinbase Pro (GDAX). DataStreams PRO users have access to all 15 TI across all markets. Enterprise users can now access all TI and custom TI across all markets.

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