Rivetz to deliver military-grade blockchain asset protection for Ferrum Network

Rivetz, the provider of embedded, blockchain-based mobile security solutions, and Ferrum Network, a fast interconnectivity network designed for decentralized financial applications, today announced a partnership to incorporate Rivetz’s hardware-level security into Ferrum’s hot and cold wallets.

Users can exchange digital assets peer-to-peer using the Ferrum Sub-Zero Wallet and the Ferrum Decentralized Exchange (Fe DEX), a decentralized blockchain agnostic exchange with short selling and margin trading features. With Ferrum Network, users remain in control of their private keys, so integration of Rivetz’s hardware protections into its wallet assures the security of users’ private keys, and thus their digital assets.

“Ferrum Network is truly honored to work with Rivetz – the absolute gold standard in private key security. Our users can now rest assured that their digital assets will be protected by the most sophisticated and secure private key technology on the market. We look forward to working with the fantastic team at Rivetz to empower users with the best in security and decentralization.”  

Naiem Yeganeh, Ph.D., co-founder, and CEO of Ferrum Network

Ferrum Network is an interoperability network built for fast, decentralized cross-chain financial applications. Offering an impressive line of decentralized products, Ferrum Networks boasts its Ferrum Sub-Zero Wallet with both hot and cold mobile storage functionality, along with the Ferrum DEX, which will offer advanced margin trading features and AI-driven trading assistance.

“We are thrilled to deliver a provable cybersecurity model to Ferrum Network through a combination of blockchain and trusted computing. Through this safer and easier-to-use model, we will protect the digital assets of each Ferrum Network user while simultaneously assisting in the management of these assets and ensuring the quality of all transactions across a user’s collection of devices. By doing so, we will provision the user’s collection of devices to become their identity rather than just a single device.”

Steven Sprague, founder, and CEO of Rivetz

Rivetz’s security solutions hinge upon access to the Trusted Execution Environment (TEE), which is an isolated, measured computer environment separate from the operating system. By provisioning all digital transactions through the TEE, Rivetz assures that users’ private keys cannot be altered or stolen if the operating system were tampered with or infected by malware.

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