Token asset management company Cindicator expands to South Korea

Cindicator, a tokenized fintech company developing Hybrid Intelligence (human + artificial intelligence) for effective asset management, announced today the localization of all its products for the South Korean market.

The South Korean community is the first in Asia to get a fully localized set of Cindicator products for traders and analysts. Cindicator’s executives are currently descending on Seoul to open a new office. The Cindicator team is focusing on the South Korean market aiming to serve not only institutional investors but also nearly one million independent traders.

South Korean traders, asset managers and investors of all sizes can now access Cindicator’s analytical products in the Korean language. Korean market watchers can also join Cindicator’s localized collective intelligence platform with a community of 120,000 analysts around the world.

“In South Korea, we see a large, thriving crypto community. Trading the stock market is already very common and now an increasing number of people are interested in cryptocurrencies and digital assets. On some days nearly a fifth of the global trading volume came from South Korea. We believe that both our collective intelligence platform and analytical products will resonate with innovative Korean people who are open to change and new opportunities.”

Mike Brusov, CEO and co-founder, Cindicator

Additionally, Cindicator will launch new products specifically for the local market: targeted questions, reports, indicators and other analytical tools relevant to the Korean community.

The action plan includes these key objectives:
  • Grow the Korean community significantly;
  • Increase the number of Korean traders in the ecosystem;
  • Launch collaborations with major financial players;
  • List CND on major Korean exchanges;
  • Hire a local team.

“We are developing a platform for effective decision-making in investment, asset management, and beyond. Our approach is based on combining the collective intelligence of people and artificial intelligence. Given the role of South Korean traders in the global crypto market, it is important to represent their views in the Cindicator ecosystem. I also believe that the innate dynamism of the Korean people makes it a logical step to make this country our priority not only in Asia but globally.”

Yuri Lobyntsev, CTO and co-founder, Cindicator

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