Bit Trade establishes blockchain education partnership with mnm institute

Australia’s longest standing digital currency exchange founded in 2013, Bit Trade, has just announced a partnership with entrepreneurial training provider mnm institute, to help educate and open up the world of blockchain and cryptocurrencies to entrepreneurs.

The cornerstone collaboration is part of a broader ecosystem initiative to connect startup hubs, incubators, accelerator programs, and formal and informal education providers to the thriving blockchain industry and educate them on cryptocurrencies as a new investment asset class.

Commenting on the announcement, Bit Trade managing director and co-founder Jonathon Miller said they want to position themselves as the first digital currency exchanges moving into the entrepreneurial education space particularly given Australia’s strong demand for decentralized technologies such as blockchain.

Mr. Miller sees financial literacy as a key factor which affects the development of blockchain industry and builds the foundation for financial freedom.

“Our team is thrilled to be able to design and create this project with mnm. We are passionate about empowering as many people as possible with the tools and knowledge they need to kick-start their journey to financial freedom in this new age of blockchain. In line with our mission, we believe that supporting driven entrepreneurs to explore possibilities in the blockchain space as well as grasp the basics of how this technology work is vital to supporting this emerging economy.”

Bit Trade managing director and co-founder Jonathon Miller

For the past five years, mnm institute has delivered vocational training to entrepreneurs wanting to build a brand and business around their passions. They are market leaders and have helped hundreds of dedicated individuals turn their vision into a reality.

Robert Schafer, chairman and founder of mnm institute said the partnership with Bit Trade has been formed in reaction to the demand of the largest companies exploring and adopting blockchain technology with collectively hundreds of billions already invested in proof of concept and blockchain innovation projects globally.

“As a progressive entrepreneurial vocational training provider, the goal for mnm is to simply support Australians to be skills and knowledge equipped for the impending boom in the market The collaboration will also see us explore the use of blockchain technologies and incorporate them in our training delivery model. We believe this will help turn our participants’ visions into reality. We have the ideas and passionate individuals and Bit Trade have the tools and expertise to make it happen.”

Robert Schafer, chairman and founder of mnm institute

Bit Trade and mnm institute are in joint talks with a large university in Asia to facilitate the wider adoption of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology.

In the coming months, the two will be running an entrepreneur boot camp, where in-depth guidance on blockchain technologies and industry knowledge will be shared with the boot camp participants.

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