Blockchain supply chain network SUKU partners with Blockdaemon for node deployment

Citizens Reserve, a blockchain tech company that recently unveiled its ‘supply chain-as-a-service’ platform SUKU, has announced a partnership with blockchain orchestration platform, Blockdaemon. Utilizing blockchain technology to tackle the issues of transparency, efficiency, and product visibility in legacy systems, SUKU aims to open new markets, improve operations, and reduce the cost of running supply chains.

Since SUKU is a blockchain-based network, it depends on nodes to validate transactions and complete other tasks essential to maintaining the ecosystem, which can be costly for customers from a resource and time standpoint. Blockdaemon addresses this challenge by allowing enterprise customers to easily deploy nodes and connect them to the most applicable blockchain protocol within minutes. Blockdaemon’s multi-cloud infrastructure offers decentralization-as-a-service, which marches Citizens Reserve and SUKU closer to their goal of transforming the power of GPU computing to build a truly decentralized economy of connected assets.

“Blockdaemon is a critical partner for our network, as this integration provides the key elements needed to onboard customers that may not have prior blockchain experience in a quicker, more efficient way, as well as helps to fully decentralize the SUKU platform. This will be especially key in integrating small and medium-sized businesses into our supply chain network who often have limited access to enterprise technology in general, but especially advanced technology such as blockchain.”

Eric Piscini, Citizens Reserve CEO

Blockdaemon, which has already made significant impacts within the growing blockchain industry and recently announced a new suite of services for Stellar and Quorum, works with SUKU to allow it to take advantage of the platform’s private network supply chain services, while remaining true to the principles of decentralization. This includes building industry-specific applications on top of SUKU’s open, decentralized network, without having to deal with the more technical aspects of setting up nodes.

Konstantin Richter, CEO/Co-Founder of Blockdaemon

“We are excited to support a groundbreaking project – Citizens Reserve – on their mission to develop solutions that provide visibility, access, and engagement for the supply chain industry. Blockdaemon provides the on-ramp for developers to connect with the SUKU platform, so Citizens Reserve can focus on evolving how supply chain technology can be utilized, making it easier for companies to address supply chain needs globally. We look forward to helping them succeed in setting the standards for this ecosystem.”

Konstantin Richter, Founder & CEO at Blockdaemon

This partnership offers a number of benefits to SUKU trading partners. Upon registration on the SUKU website, they will promptly receive a link to Blockdaemon to spin up a node with only a few clicks.

Connected via the SUKU network, partners will then be able to log into Blockdaemon through SUKU and all transactions can be processed within the SUKU dApp. Blockdaemon also routinely ensures that all nodes are working properly, enabling partners to focus on their own platforms, rather than how the blockchain-based platform will work from an application and adoption standpoint.

This news comes on the heels of the announcement that leading finance and technology executives including Chairman of the CoinDesk Advisory Board, Michael J. Casey, and co-founder and CFO of, Lily Liu, have joined the SUKU’s board of advisors to further the platform’s development and implementation.

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