Web 3.0 framework Menlo One to work with Big Data Block on decentralization

Menlo One, a crypto-tech company that has built an open-source framework for making decentralized applications on the blockchain for the Web 3.0 era announced today a strategic partnership with Big Data Block, a technology company focused on processing, analyzing and securing big data with the blockchain. Menlo One will work with Big Data Block to provide user-interface frameworks for allowing the decentralization of the Big Data Block application.

“We’re thrilled to partner with data focused firms to decentralize onto the blockchain since Big Data Block offers the vision to allow greater data analysis for more people,” said Matthew Nolan, CEO of Menlo One.

The open source framework offered by Menlo One to help move infrastructure to decentralized technologies has begun to be embraced by both consumer-focused and B2B companies since Menlo One’s framework was released in early 2018.

Jason Cohen, CEO of Big Data Block remarked, “Big Data Block’s backend is already a fully decentralized system but the front end used by our customers was going to be hosted in a centralized cloud ecosystem until now. Our goal is to be 100% decentralized and Menlo One offers us the ability to move another core component to a fully decentralized system which is fantastic .”


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