Credits blockchain platform reveals internal load test technical report

Credits, a scalable blockchain platform built for business applications today presented the results of its internal platform testing. On Friday, 14 September 2018, the Credits team performed a capacity test of the Credits platform using 32 geographically distributed nodes.

The test was designed to showcase a stable platform and provide an indication of transactions per second (TPS) with a high level of simulated transactions.

Testing Conditions:

Testing Report:

Summary Information from Credits Blockchain and Credits during Phase 1 Test.

Test time in minutes 39 Minutes
Total amount of transactions 305,136,000 Transactions
Total amount of blocks 5 923 Blocks
Test Progression 275 Additional Transactions Added to Queue with Each Pass
Average Number of Transactions per block 85, 200 Transactions per block
Peak Number of Transactions in a Single Block 685,122 Transactions per block
Average number of Blocks per second 2 Blocks Per second
Peak Number of Blocks per second 6 Blocks Per second
Average Transactions per second 130,400 Transactions per second
Peak Number of Transactions per second 1,327,152 Transactions per second

More information can be found in the official Credits report.