Spherity partners with Weeve to bring physical assets onto the blockchain

Weeve, a Berlin-based blockchain startup to index, process, attest and trade harvested data as digital assets, today announced a partnership with Spherity a fellow Berlin-based startup and builder of decentralized applications to empower secure value and data exchange among people, devices, software or machines without intermediaries

“Goods like hardware tools, clothes, containers or drugs are physical assets. Many of these goods are already smart-things connected to the Internet. To empower novel business models for, e.g., the hardware, fashion, logistics or automobility industry, a crucial step is to turn the physical into a digital asset this typically first requires a unique, unclonable identity of the thing. Spherity is a leading deep tech innovator with expertise in this field. The partnership with Spherity is a strategic step towards securely integrating physical assets into the Weeve network such that their data can be truthfully attested with the Weeve technology and monetized through our IoT data marketplaces. This way Weeve leverages shared economies for physical assets based on Blockchain-agnostic business models.”

“With Spherity we are providing Digital Twins for IoT devices such as for instance smart meters, vehicles, machines or weather stations. The weeve technology will enable us to securely bridge from the physical to the digital world. Weeve will help us to assure an uncloneable identity of any device and its data (authenticity, provenance) and to secure the data sent from the device into the Digital Twin (audit trail for sensor, actor and processing data).

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