Australia’s leading organic food products company arrives on INS

Soulfresh, Australia’s leading organic, natural food, and beverages company has signed up with INS Ecosystem’s blockchain powered direct-to-consumer grocery supply chain movement.

Representing over 30 brands, Soulfresh takes pride in delivering a genuine retail edge to innovative products that give consumers a healthy alternative.

The company supplies its product range to small health food and organic retailers, cafés and lifestyle businesses, together with the largest retailers in Australia and New Zealand. Soulfresh is aiming to launch the best of its portfolio into the UK and European markets.

The INS platform will support Soulfresh’s UK and European launch, as it will enable the company to form a closer relationship with consumers and understand more about them in a direct fashion. A new, more engaged audience will be eager to learn about the brands offered by Soulfresh, who will be able to engage and incentivize customers.

Soulfresh sells a range of drinks covering all major beverage categories from organic soft drinks, hot-filled and cold-pressed juices, and coconut waters to raw and living beverages like Kombucha and kefir. Beverage brands from Soulfresh include Coconut Collective, Preshafruit, Lo Bros, Bruce, Neighbourhood Fruit, and The Milk Thief.

The Soulfresh food range includes dairy, savory snacking, pantry essentials, coconut products and healthy confectionary. Soulfresh represents food brands including Pico, Tom & Luke, Explore Cuisine, Cocomi, La Tortilleria, The Goods, Derry-O, Larderfresh, and Follow Your Heart.

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