CoinList now offering investment in blockchain marketplace protocol Origin

CoinList, a technology platform endeavoring to connect accredited investors with deeply-vetted blockchain projects today announced the opportunity for its advisory clients to invest in Origin.

Origin is developing a protocol for creating sharing economy marketplaces using the Ethereum blockchain and IPFS. Origin is being built to provide features like listings, identity, payment, and scheduling to new distributed sharing economy marketplaces, creating the potential for distributed versions of products like Uber, Airbnb, Getaround, and Fiverr.

The Origin project was co-founded by Josh Fraser (who has co-founded 3 venture-backed companies, including one acquired by Walmart Labs), and Matthew Liu (the 3rd PM at YouTube and VP PM at Qwiki and Bonobos). Their team includes the former head of Dropbox NYC Engineering, Cuong Do, and Yu Pan, the first employee at YouTube and one of the 6 founding team members of PayPal.

Those interested can go to and register to become a CoinList investor to learn more about the specific opportunity.

CoinList Capital is CoinList’s SEC-registered investment advisory subsidiary. CoinList Capital conducts an extensive diligence process, analyzing aspects of the project such as token economics, the technology, the team, the deal terms, and the legal structure. It also works with an advisory committee of known investors in the space to provide feedback on the opportunity.