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DarcMatter (DMC) gets investment from blockchain fund #Hashed

DarcMatter Coin, the blockchain project created by fintech startup, DarcMatter, has completed a highly synergistic and strategic investment and partnership with #Hashed, a top South Korean crypto investment fund.

The investment and partnership with #Hashed are being announced after global team discussions between the respective management teams and partners regarding the future of investment services, blockchain’s impact throughout Asia and the role that DarcMatter and #Hashed could play in working together to transform the global landscape.

The senior management at DarcMatter and #Hashed instantly saw synergies through the investment, but also in expanding the blockchain movement with both the South Korean and the broader Asian audience.

“DarcMatter is a great partner and a leader in the FinTech industry that can utilize blockchain and cryptocurrency to accelerate the industry to the next level. They are a core partner and we are excited to be working with them.”

#Hashed CEO Simon Kim

The DarcMatter team aims to deliver upon their mission: To utilize technology to increase access and transparency, while decreasing costs due to key inefficiencies. With this partnership and investment, the management team truly believes that blockchain is the key to taking the financial services industry into a new era.

“Partnering with #Hashed is a significant step for us in further establishing presence in South Korea and Asia as a whole. We’re very happy to be working with such a top institution in South Korea that can help us make leaps and bounds to the next horizon.”

DarcMatter President and CEO, Sang Lee

DarcMatter is currently conducting a public token presale with 85% currently committed.

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