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Airdrops: Risk free entry into crypto

If you are new to crypto the amount of information you need to process can be overwhelming. Words like; decentralized, Blockchain, Initial coin offering & private keys, sound like regular words but don’t have a meaning yet. The concept of crypto has your interest but to put real dollars at stake to experiment with is too big of a leap. You want to get Bitcoins & Ethereum, but how do you get them without risking losing them? What if your coins get stolen? How does an exchange work to buy & sell tokens? How do I create a wallet? These are all frequent questions every beginner runs in to. Every step has a risk of a mistake, a blunder that could cost you all your crypto. The solution for this is airdrops.

An airdrop is a free token that literally gets airdropped in your wallet for free. What? For free?  Yes, ICO’s and Blockchain projects regularly airdrop free tokens into your wallets. If you have an Ethereum wallet address you might have received a few already. Omise Go airdropped free OMG tokens to every Ethereum holder in 2017. There have been numerous other tokens that were airdropped to Ethereum or Waves addresses.

However, the majority of airdrops require you to complete a few social tasks, like joining the Telegram group or following on Twitter. These projects give away free coins to create a big community or create awareness about their product, similar to what Uber does by giving away free rides.

Where do I find airdrops?

You can spend your time scrolling the crypto forums or Reddit to find airdrops, or you can use AirdropAlert is the first and biggest website regarding Airdrops. They have a professional and experienced team who handpicks the best airdrops for you. Airdropalert is known for hosting exclusive airdrops, for which they collaborate with ICO’s to get you the best airdrops. Currently, they have 3 exclusive airdrops open;

The website has a user-friendly interface and will help you to increase your portfolio.  Airdrops are great, but what else can I do to earn crypto?

The majority of ICO’s will offer bounty campaigns. A bounty is when you complete a task or job and you get paid a bounty for it in tokens. Often this requires more work than an airdrop. Examples of bounties are;

  • Translate website or white paper
  • Find bugs in the code
  • Write a blog about ICO
  • Promote ICO over a period on social media
  • Create a video about the ICO

As you can see these tasks require a bit more time, but the reward is often bigger. A good overview of available bounties can be found on


To receive an airdrop or bounty you will need to create a compatible wallet. You go through the learning process of creating wallets, making transactions, trading on an exchange and storing the coins safely, with tokens you have received for free.  If any mistake is made during the process that results in the loss of coins, it will be a free learning experience.

Collect free coins, get familiar with crypto, don’t be afraid to make mistakes and when everything feels comfortable and safe, you are ready to transition real dollars into Bitcoin.

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