FP COMPLETE to provide audit of blockchain platform CREDITS

FP COMPLETE to provide audit of blockchain platform CREDITS

Open blockchain platform CREDITS announced that they have signed an agreement with FP Complete to provide an independent initial assessment of the engineering work completed by the development team and to make recommendations for further improvements of CREDITS blockchain platform.

The intent of the initial assessment is to provide FP Complete with the information required to enter a subsequent agreement for a full independent audit. FP Complete, led by veterans and innovators from Microsoft, Intel, Google, and several Ph.D. programs and prominent open-source projects operate innovation and engineering teams out of North America and Western Europe.

FP Complete is regarded as one of the world’s leading suppliers of commercial-grade tools and engineering solutions for functional programming languages. As part of the agreement, FP Complete will assess the current state of the code from a quality, auditability and security perspective.

Once the initial assessment is completed and validated by FP Complete, the intent is to enter a longer-term auditing engagement. During this longer-term auditing engagement, the auditor will also complete a review of CREDITS’ technical documentation and operating procedures, enabling our team to optimize the engineering methods, tools, and coding standards used to implement the blockchain platform.

“We’re committed to secure, robust, and transparent technology. The appointment of FP Complete for the strictest possible and independent assessment and subsequent audit fully reflects these values.”

Igor Chugunov, CEO & Founder at CREDITS
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