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Japanese crypto wallet Ginco partners with Kyber, Etheremon, and ZILLA

Ginco, a crypto wallet provider based in Japan has announced new partnerships with Etheremon – a unique decentralized game, Kyber Network – a decentralized exchange, and ZILLA – an ICO platform. Today, the hot topic that is happening in Japan revolves around ICO investment and the trend of cryptocurrency trading within the blockchain industry.

On one hand, counterparts overseas focus on different aspects of blockchain – diversified applications that have an impact on users lives including gaming, social media, and other decentralized blockchain solutions. Many projects are being developed rapidly in many other countries outside of Japan.

However, on the other hand, Ginco says that one condition must be met for it establish access to these services, users must have full control of their own private key, which is the “key” to access and manage their own crypto assets. While most users still store their assets on centralized exchanges, users do not have full control of their own private keys. Therefore, those users do not have access to these blockchain services.

The Ginco team said, “In order to make the next-generation blockchain services more accessible, it is essential that we have a simple and user-friendly wallet app.’

Gincoʼs goal is to provide an interface that offers access to decentralized blockchain services. They will be partnering with various projects to provide easier and more accessible services to benefit the crypto community, and the following will be the 3 initial partners to be included on the Ginco platform.

  • Etheremon – Ethermon is the first game opening an era of ‘Game 3.0.’ In this world, players can capture, train and trade monsters in the game with other players. Combining blockchain and virtual reality technology, Etheremon offers a unique gaming experience.
  • Kyber Network – Kyber Network is a decentralized exchange and token swap service. The integration with Kyber Network enables in-app token swap, thereby allowing users to switch coins within Ginco wallet at relative ease.
  • ZILLA – ZILLA is a platform that provides all the information about a token sale, making token sales accessible to everyone. Ginco supports ZLA tokens, which is the cryptocurrency that powers the ZILLA app. Ginco will cooperate with ZILLAʼs marketing support program for token sale projects, and provide full support as an official wallet.

Ginco allows users to manage and use their crypto assets safely on a smartphone. Through further development of the Ginco DApps Platform, Ginco will make it possible for everyone to access blockchain services easily.

Future Plans

・A platform which offers games, SNS, DEX, and many more coming up.
・Safe and secure management of your crypto asset with KYC and cybersecurity implementations.
・Increased compliances, AML and other measures that prevent criminal activities.

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