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Cardstack dApp aims to simplify access to Token Generation Events

Cardstack dApp aims to simplify access to Token Generation Events
Intuitive web app reduces barriers to entry to participate in token economies.

Cardstack, the user experience framework that will enable people to take control over their digital lives, has launched the first use case of its Cardstack Hub architecture: a web application that drastically simplifies users’ participation in Token Generation Events (TGEs) and broader token ecosystems. The mobile-friendly web application acts as a portal that consolidates all the accounts, data, and communications needed by users to participate in a TGE.

Cardstack’s intuitive web application provides a viable solution to many of the barriers that currently stifle entry into the blockchain ecosystem, including siloed data, the need to manually reconcile data between on- and off-chain workflows, complex and multichannel token management systems, and confusing and time-consuming TGE processes.

Cardstack dApp aims to simplify access to Token Generation Events
Chris Tse is the Founding Director of Cardstack

“In order for the decentralized internet to achieve mass adoption, the user experience must be the focus. The web app is our preview of what a fluid user experience should look like. By unifying data into a cohesive view, users always have correct and up-to-date information, giving them clear choices to act on. We let users say it once, and not have to repeat themselves. By creating a simple on-ramp for users to contribute to the TGE, Cardstack is breaking down the data silos dictated by traditional industry giants, creating a seamless token holder experience.”

Chris Tse, Founding Director of Cardstack

As the first use case of the Cardstack Hub architecture, the web application will enable users to customize the dashboards for their interactions across various apps and dApps. Cardstack’s TGE participants will be able to view their registration status, choose their next actions, and track the overall progress of the TGE in real time through the web application dashboard.

“The Cardstack project is creating a user experience that will put people at the center of their digital lives for the first time, and the TGE dashboard is a concrete sign of things to come. This is the first step towards the experience layer of the decentralized Internet: a shared set of design principles that allows users to take control of their digital lives across blockchain and the cloud. By using a highly collaborative open-source framework, Cardstack hopes to create a cooperative environment, where individuals can work together to set standards and precedents for how things should be done. The technical strength of the project and the team of qualified experts behind it position Cardstack as a true differentiator in the field of blockchain and demonstrates its potential to integrate blockchain into our everyday lives.”

Tom Graham, Co-founder of Media Protocol and Managing Partner at TLDR Capital

The launch comes ahead of Cardstack’s own TGE, due to commence in Q2 2018 and follows Cardstack’s token pre-allocation, in which the community contributed $25 million USD to support the project’s growth.

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