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NEO-based decentralised exchange Switcheo ready for v 2.0

NEO-based decentralised exchange Switcheo ready for v 2.0

Switcheo, the DEX built for the NEO Platform which launched in the beginning on April 2018 has already announced the launch of Switcheo Exchange v 2.0.

The Testnet of 2.0 is scheduled to go live on May 8th and this should be promptly followed by the Mainnet.

The community will also be duly updated on some of the core features on this upgraded version.

Some of the core features found in the Switcheo Exchange v 2.0 are:

  • A better transaction window that gives users ability to easily access a full breakdown of each trade made. The history of what has been traded is also shown.
  • Filters have also been included to allow users have a glance at the trades that have been canceled, successful trades as well as open and failed trades.
  • Trades will now be confirmed immediately. In the previous version, it could take up to one minute for a trade to be completed. This may have inconvenienced traders who used bots.
  • Users can easily choose the number of tokens that they wish to deposit on the contract balance. These tokens are also available to be traded.
  • A public Bot API had also been made available that comes with a developer library. This would definitely help in improving liquidity as more traders and developers join the platform.

Speaking on the updated version, the Switcheo team had this to say:

“Our platform is surely on its path to being the worlds first Multichain decentralized exchange. As it is at the moment, NEP- 5 tokens can be traded on the exchange. These tokens can be traded on the Switcheo Network as soon as ICOs end. Since traders are trading directly from their wallet, the trading fees are also very low and there are no withdrawal fees. Moving forward, plans are underway to enable ERC20 trading and QRC20 Trading. All these should be enabled before the end of the year.”

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