Crypto exchange HitBTC partners with London’s Sequant Capital

Sequant Capital, an FCA UK regulated broker experienced in managing portfolios for professional investors for over 10 years today announced a strategic partnership with HitBTC, an advanced and long-running cryptocurrency exchange featuring over 300 cryptocurrencies in more than 500 trading pairs, with an average daily trading volume of $192 million.

This partnership will mark a new era for professional crypto traders providing them with direct market access to crypto assets through an FCA regulated company in the UK. Traders depositing a minimum of 100 BTC or 1000 ETH with Sequant Capital will have funds stored securely in a cold wallet managed by the broker.

“Our aim is to solve many of the issues that cryptocurrency traders are currently experiencing and to reserve a place at the forefront of the civilized regulation process. The FCA sets a high bar for financial regulation in the UK, and by applying that high standard to our operating model with HitBTC we aim to increase trust and stability. For investors in traditional markets or those who already have exposure to cryptocurrencies but are lacking the professional ‘high-touch’ service that would let them trade large blocks in confidence, our initiative is a big step forward.”

George Zarya, CEO, and founder of Sequant Capital

“We have noticed an increasing demand for personal services from high net worth traders in strategic regions — with London topping this list. As a response to this demand, our valued customers now have a dedicated service company in London with a strong focus on their needs, and we look forward to the greater level of service this partnership with Sequant Capital will bring. The crypto market is still catching up with the level of service and codes of conduct that are so well established in the world of traditional trading, and while we are elaborating the most stable and efficient technological product in its class, this service, fostered by our partners, will no doubt be of interest for HitBTC customers across the world.”

Sophia Miller, CMO HitBTC

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