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Crypto-mining marketplace NiceHash to fully reimburse users after hack

NiceHash, a Slovenian based crypto-mining marketplaces announced today that they are 100% committed to reimbursing all users that were affected by the security breach that happened on December 6, 2017. NiceHash has created a repayment program scheme that will start on Friday, February 2, 2018, and will initially reimburse 10% of the old balance amount to all users that were impacted.

NiceHash will then plan to periodically repay the remaining amount to all users in the coming months. Every new part of the reimbursement program will be announced by the company in advance and users will be able to monitor the repayment progress If any user notices he had not received any respective payment, such user should immediately notify NiceHash in order to receive such payment. The old balance will be repaid in Bitcoins (BTC) and not in the fiat value or any other cryptocurrency.

Below you can find more detailed information and instructions for internal wallet users and external wallet users:

Repayment program for internal wallet users

Users that were registered on the NiceHash platform before December 6, 2017, can log in to their account and can see their old balance tab under the Wallet section on their Dashboard. The old balance shows the total amount of Bitcoins (BTC) that users had in their wallet address prior to the attack. This balance will be fully reimbursed by NiceHash to users current balances, starting with the initial ten percent of the total amount on Friday, February 2, 2018.

Registered users should enter the Repayment program by clicking the “Enter repayment program” button on their Dashboard. Users will be notified of all future payments in advance.

Repayment program for external wallet users

Users who were not registered with NiceHash at the time of the attack and were using the NiceHash service with their external wallet address will also be reimbursed in the same way as internal wallet users. External wallet users can go to the following page and enter their external wallet address (that they were using at the time of the attack) to see their old balance. This balance will be fully reimbursed by NiceHash to users external wallet addresses, starting with the initial ten percent of the total amount on Friday, February 2, 2018. Users will also be able to monitor repayment progress on the miner page.

NiceHash will only reimburse the funds to the addresses that were in use at the time of the attack. NiceHash said it cannot repay any other wallet address as it does not have a KYC process for external wallet users.

Conditions for payment to external wallet addresses do apply to the Repayment program. When you reach 0.01 BTC you are eligible for payment. NiceHash will include your old balance in this amount. For example, if your old balance (that is going to be reimbursed) is 0.009 BTC, you still have to mine an additional 0.001 BTC to this external wallet address so you reach 0.01 BTC in total. Once the combined balance shows 0.01 BTC, payment will be made to your external wallet address.

The NiceHash team stated:

“The investigation on the security breach is still ongoing, with the support of international law enforcement and cyber forensic teams, and while we want to be as open and transparent as we can, for reasons of ongoing investigation we can’t provide many details at this time. We are in active discussions with investors, but this process will require more time and due diligence than originally anticipated.”

“If users have any additional questions, we advise them to open a support ticket. Our company representatives are also present on the NiceHash subreddit and we advise everyone to follow our social media announcements for the latest information and press releases.”

Trustee 2018-02-02 06:44:52

It is only fully reimbursed after they have done so. Quit assuming they will not have trouble completing this task. They could not even be trusted with securing the bitcoin the first time. What makes you believe they can or will secure and pay us back now? Also, 10% credit towards paying us back is not fully reimbursed. This is crypto and not many are honest in this space. Why should we believe nicehash with big promises and no proof be different?