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Bitfinex open source IOTA wallet now supports multiple target addresses

Bitfinex open source IOTA wallet now supports multiple target addresses
smidgen is currently in late beta mode.

In September, Bitfinex announced smidgen — an open-source, MIT Licensed IOTA multisignature wallet. By using smidgen, a user can create addresses requiring multiple seeds for each transaction, each seed owned by one or multiple persons, to add an additional layer of security to IOTA transactions.

Now, today Bitfinex announced version 1.2.0 with many new features and improvements.

Transfers now support multiple target addresses – this represents Bitfinex’s favorite feature of this release. It is now possible to define multiple outputs for a transaction, with support for both multisignature and default wallets.

Configuration files are now supported via .smidgenrc – smidgen relies on a full node provider for a number of tasks. In the past, changing the provider address was always done via the –provider command line argument. With this update, smidgen will additionally make use of a configuration file called .smidgenrc. If this does not exist, smidgen creates it in the user’s home directory. In the .smidgenrc a user can overwrite the defaults for all configuration flags and set them to a new default. This means that if a user defines a new provider in their .smidgenrc, they can omit passing the –provide flag in the future. Example: {“provider”: “”}. In case a user temporarily needs another setting, they can still overwrite config values via the command line arguments.

– – no-validation flag for multisig wallet creation without an internet connection – smidgen enhances the security surrounding multisignature wallet creation. In doing so, smidgen aims to find out if a seed has already been used with a single-signature wallet, done via getKeyIndex, allowing it to check if a seed has been used in another transaction. When a node is offline, if a user has no WiFi or they don’t want the additional safety net, they can disable these checks with –no-validation.

Fix crashes if a light node has connection issues – In previous versions, smidgen would crash when a node was temporarily overloaded. By means of this update, smidgen now shows an error notice with the suggestion to retry or to use another node via–provider.

iota.lib.js update to 0.4.5 – smidgen is built upon the IOTA core library, maintained by the IOTA Foundation. With this release, a number of improvements and fixes have made its way to smidgen.

Besides acting as a multisignature wallet, smidgen also supports a number of beneficial commands, from address generation to balance checking.

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