ZenCash moves higher with new wallets, integrations, and secure nodes

ZenCash, a private, distributed platform for communications, transactions, and publishing has been blistering higher this past month, rising from $5 to as high as $24. One of the reasons is the continued building of its secured nodes network.

Coming soon and currently in beta testing, the testing and launch of new nodes is important to keep ZenCash protected, the transactions private and the system up and running smoothly.

Additionally, the ZenCash system got integrated into Welto, an application for direct crypto bill paying, Cointopay, to be used in shopping online, and StormX, a gamified micro-task platform.

Two new ZEN wallets were also launched in the past few weeks. First, a new Android app wallet is now available in the Play Store allowing users to view transparent transactions on their mobile device, an iOS app is coming next.

Secondly, the Zen Blockchain Foundation has made a desktop wallet available called “Arizen” for download from GitHub. It’s an SPV light, so users don’t have to download the entire blockchain. It is available with Windows, MacOS, Linux installation files.


Arizen is new API wallet for Zencash with encrypted locally stored files
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