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Ripple (XRP) added to Bitcoin IRA’s retirement account service

Ripple announced today that XRP has become available to a wider customer base via Bitcoin IRA’s retirement accounts and Kingdom Trust’s custodial services. BitcoinIRA allows customers to buy and hold digital currencies using an IRA or 401k.

Kingdom Trust, an independent qualified custodian, manages digital assets for their institutional clients for a variety of financial products. Both Bitcoin IRA and Kingdom Trust work closely with BitGo, a digital wallet service, in connection with their management and storage of XRP.

The addition of XRP to Bitcoin IRA’s portfolios and Kingdom Trust’s custodial services provides both retail and institutional customers new and diverse ways to tap into the XRP market. These two new ways of accessing XRP follow the 12 digital exchanges that began listing the Ripple native asset in 2017 alone, confirming increasing accessibility to a broader, global audience.

Miguel Vias, Head of XRP Markets at Ripple, said:

“As institutional adoption of Ripple’s enterprise blockchain solution has grown, people increasingly understand the future opportunity for banks, payment providers, and other institutions to use XRP as an on-demand liquidity solution for cross-border payments. Bitcoin IRA, Kingdom Trust and BitGo offer a forward-thinking way for individuals in the U.S. to access and store XRP.”

Chris Kline, COO of Bitcoin IRA, said:

“Since listing XRP in our retirement accounts, demand from our customers has been immense. We are proud to be the first and only company in the world to offer XRP for retirement planning. Those who hold XRP with will see it in ‘cold storage’ digital wallets from BitGo, widely considered the most reliable and secure digital wallet, with multi-signature encryption.”

Charles Ives, President of Kingdom Trust, said:

“As a leader in digital asset custody, we believe in offering our clients access to secure and innovative digital assets. We are excited to be able to provide our institutional client base access to XRP, in addition to the other digital assets for which we already provide custodial services.”



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