New ICO platform COMSA gets $9 million commitment from VCs

Osaka-headquartered Tech Bureau, Corp., a blockchain technology, and cryptocurrency solutions company announced that leading Japanese VCs have pledged over $9 million in COMSA’s Initial Coin Offering (ICO).

COMSA, a complete Initial Coin Offering (ICO) fundraising and cross-chaining platform built on the NEM blockchain protocol, is meant to streamline cryptocurrency funding and cross-chain transactions.

The Japanese VCs to invest in COMSA ICO tokens and XEM include Nippon Technology Venture Partners, FISCO Capitals, and ABBALab Inc.

COMSA aims to address current uncertainties held by the ICO process. By working as a full-fledged ICO fundraising service, COMSA will exercise a completely streamlined process of token offering, sale, distribution, and subsequently listing on an exchange on one efficient platform.

Takao Asayama, CEO of Tech Bureau

Takao Asayama, CEO of Tech Bureau, Corp. said:

“The participation of not one but three VCs is a testimony of their trust in the acceptance and viability in raising capital using cryptocurrencies.”

“We are confident that more mainstream businesses will join the fray as they begin to take cryptocurrencies seriously as a means to broaden their investment portfolio into the nascent blockchain technology powered businesses. COMSA is a one stop shop solution for token creation and exchange.”

Lon Wong (Lon) President, Foundation said:

“The COMSA project is a timely project in that it is happening at a time where there is a need for a mechanism to streamline ICOs. With the development of the COMSA platform, we are now creating a whole new paradigm where capital can be raised with VC participation.”

“What we hope to see in the future is how Security Exchange Commissions of the world will learn from this initiative, recognize it, and allow securities to be listed using cryptocurrencies. I believe COMSA has what it takes to lead, set the precedence, and make this accepted as a way forward for publicly listed companies in the near future.”

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