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Freewallet launching Bitcoin Cash mobile wallet

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Freewallet is a team of developers, whose aim is to solve the "last-mile" problem for cryptocurrencies by creating mobile-first cryptocurrency wallets. Since January 2016 the team has developed and successfully released numerous wallets for different cryptocurrencies, namely FantomCoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin, Monero, Dash, Dogecoin, Lisk, DECENT, Zcash, NXT, Ardor, Steem, Bancor, DiginalNote, Bytecoin, and Tether.

Freewallet apps are easy-to-use mobile wallets that allow users to familiarize themselves with popular cryptocurrencies without delving into specific technical features and complex settings. Many Freewallet products have reached #1 position in Google Play.
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The first medical instrument powered by blockchain.

Freewallet, the developer of the number of user-friendly crypto-wallets, has announced that they will support Bitcoin Cash if a blockchain split up occurs after the Bitcoin hard fork. On July 29th the team launched its Bitcoin Cash wallet to provide Freewallet customers with full access to the new coin.

If a Bitcoin network split happens, Bitcoin Cash, the new rival crypto-currency, will be born. Those who possess Bitcoins on Freewallet at the time of the fork will get an equal amount of Bitcoin Cash since both cryptocurrencies will be sharing the same past.

Freewallet started preparations beforehand and launched Bitcoin Cash wallet to provide their customers with access to Bitcoin Cash in a timely manner.

Working in close collaboration with Bitcoin developers, Freewallet deployed a solution to ensure both funds safety and Bitcoin Freewallet operating in full. The team guarantees all their customers will be able to make transactions and manage their portfolios before and after the hard fork.

Alvin Hagg, Freewallet’s co-founder said:

“We believe that freedom of choice is one of the cornerstones of cryptoworld. If there is a new technology that is widely supported by the community, we adopt it and provide a friendly product that allows efficient use of this innovation.”


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Electron cash is the best wallet by far, I redeemed my bcc today and sold it already.

you can download it here

You just gotta be patient until the coins get verified on the blockchain then you can transfer it once it becomes verified.