PotCoin adds API with POT getting more exchange support

PotCoin, a cryptocurrency aimed at providing banking services within the cannabis industry has provided a new summer update with much of the team’s hard work now coming to fruition. Some of the highlights include API capabilities, more exchange access, and possible dispensary deals to include $POT as a method of payment. All of the updates can be read in more detail below.

PotChain API

For developers looking for easy entry points to program PotCoin apps, the PotCoin team has announced access to full API capabilities. Now, developers can build whatever they want to support $POT.


Over the next few months, the team will be announcing progress on the dispensary front and its forecast for the future. This is a huge part of what PotCoin is trying to achieve and the team proudly announced that many dispensaries have reached out looking to accept PotCoin.

Buying and Selling PotCoin Made Easier

PotCoin is already supported on some of the largest exchanges in the space including Poloniex, Bittrex, and Changelly with the team reporting they are in current talks to get it accepted on several more. Thanks to the exposure to PotCoin in the month of June (Dennis Rodman promoting $POT on his trip to North Korea), the community of peer-to-peer users on PotWallet is growing and the accepted options for payment are growing too. Based on business development inquiries received, there will be more options coming in the near future with official announcements to come.

Further Improvements

The team stated that it is also now making needed updates to the website. They have enlisted community members as well to help with some parts like social media posting of updates, responses, and industry news. The support and ticketing system will also be revamped within the website fixes.

The PotCoin team finished their update by stating:

“We’re committed to joining the fight with so many already out there, working to ensure that legalization is adopted more widespread so that PotCoin can serve its purpose. Even if you’re not a consumer yourself, there are so many positive reasons to legalize cannabis – from reducing the financial debt incurred by enforcing cannabis possession laws (approx. $3.6 billion annually in the US alone) to the increasing studies that show marijuana’s positive effect in the medical field, such as helping fight cancer and reducing epileptic seizures.”

“And let’s not forget the current epidemic of opioid deaths, predicted to kill nearly 500,000 Americans in the next decade, which could be greatly reduced by medical marijuana! Our mission can only get easier if more people are made aware of the facts behind why legalization is so important.”

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