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Bitfinex makes major updates including support for Ethereum Name Service (ENS)

Hong-Kong-based cryptocurrency exchange Bitfinex has announced some major and minor changes to its platform, the biggest being adding support for the Ethereum Name Service (ENS) for all ERC20 tokens and Ether. Now users of the exchange can use registered names as a withdrawal address.

Ethereum Name Service

ENS offers a secure and decentralized way to address resources both on and off the blockchain using simple, human-readable names.

ENS eliminates the need to copy - and worse, type - long hexadecimal addresses. With ENS, you'll be able to send money to your friend at 'aardvark.eth' instead of '0x4cbe58c50480...'

Other significant changes were made to the interface and performance of the trading platform including speed boosts, which are always nice. The full list of upgrades are noted below:

Major Changes


  • Added support for Ethereum Name Service (ENS) for all ERC20 tokens and Ether.


  • New search bar for quick navigation or searching the Knowledge Base.
  • Improved top right header navigation: Moved the ‘Deposit,’ ‘Withdraw,’ and ‘Wallets’ links out of the menu drop-down. Converted the ‘Support’ and ‘Account’ drop-downs to icons (view demo).
  • Improved pairs and currencies navigation: Easily filter pairs and currencies for faster and easier navigation.


  • Significantly faster (2-3x) navigation between trading pairs and funding currencies.
  • Faster chart initialization.
  • Faster initial page load.

Minor Changes

  • New: Show USD equivalent when hovering over sidebar balances.
  • Improved: More responsive layout for use on small screens.
  • Fixed: Improved chart stability.


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