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Novaexhange launches Ethereum (ETH) support

Novaexhange launches Ethereum (ETH) support

Novaexchange, a cryptocurrency only exchange operated by Dunkers IT announced they have launched Ethereum support with base markets. Additionally, it is understood that ERC20 token support is in the works as well, which should be implemented shortly.

The exchange is still a bit light on volume for the newly listed Ethereum as the 24-hour BTC/ETH market has only 2.74 BTC in volume at the time of writing. ETH had fallen under $200 today to $182 for its 24-hour low, this comes after peaking last month close to $400 USD.

Also noteworthy, last month, to the satisfaction of users, the exchange deployed a new trading engine to speed up and stabilize their platform.

Still in BETA

Novaexchange puts a notice on the site that they are still currently in BETA mode. They say the BETA tag will be removed once all known bugs are fixed and no new bugs are encountered for a period of 3 weeks. While the BETA tag applies things can go wrong and Novaexchange will in timely matter help the user to restore any mistakes. They finish the notice by stating that a trade that has gone wrong can be reversed during 48 hours of the timestamp of the trade and only as long as the currency remains on Novaexchange, once withdrawn or 48 hours have passed that transaction cannot be reversed.



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