Bancor adding Status to its list of integrations

Bancor has recently announced that they are going to add Status as one of their integrations. The article on the Status website, “Issue Your Own Tokens from Your Smartphone” by Tatu Karki, gives details on these advancements on monetary systems.
Previously, all the integrations Bancor has used is via web and other chat forms, including Messenger, Webchat, and others. These are accessible and make it easier for users to log in. Now they plan to use Status as well, which will be introduced in the next few months.
Status will bring Bancor some benefits, making this decision worthwhile. For one thing, it will bring a fully decentralized messaging platform. This will help in more convenient notifications as well as assistance from bots in creating communities or receiving new tokens. Users do not need to be concerned about being experts on the topic of Ethereum. Bancor takes care of the details, freeing the users from the technical hassle.
Bancor is welcoming people to chat with them about the coming advancements or to explore their sites. They are glad to share their progress with the world and to help others get involved. Expanding their platform to Status will be beneficial in many ways for Bancor and their users.
Expansions are being made everywhere as far as these blockchains and networks are concerned. Ethereum is fast becoming one of the top ways to monetarily communicate and perform transactions. Users can create and implement their own tokens. Tokens help communities coordinate themselves better. They are able to organize themselves on similar routes. These tokens can represent a wide variety of things – anywhere from social status to certain rights to something, such as voting. They also allow for easier trade and exchanges. Smart tokens enable a better conversion experience. The problem is that there needs to be a secure way to issue tokens.
It is important to retain the liquidity of ethereum and make the system so that even beginners can use blockchains. This is where Bancor comes into play to help solve these issues. Bancor gives people the means by which to create their own systems. In this way, users have a better ability to make exchanges, and the liquidity is kept. Integrating Status on Bancor aims to help to solve the above difficulties.

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