Cryptocurrency platform Mercatox launching new updates including instant auto withdrawals

UK registered cryptocurrency platform and exchange Mercatox Ltd has announced today upcoming major updates. Informing that 80% of the reworking is completed in order to make the trading system faster, safer, fault-tolerant in order able to cope with any loads to ensure comfortable use of our service.
The exchange is very small still with records showing that at the present time of writing the 24-hour volume at only 3.6315 BTC on only 24 trades. All-time statistics since founding show the following: Volume: 567.69106654 BTC, Deals: 209240, Users: 7630.

Mercatox is a service for accessing e-currency and cryptocurrency exchange markets done through secure transactions via Ethereum smart contracts. Mercatox allows traders to raise funds for margin trading on the exchange as well as for investors to earn income on the loan. The trading platform is available for commercial partnerships within a White Label format. The company also provides a payments service for business to accept cryptocurrency payments.

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