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Bitcoin exchange company Digitrade announces new 2-year agreement with ANX Technologies

Digitrade Financial Corp (OTCQB: DIGAF) a Vancouver-headquartered digital asset exchange platform, blockchain development service, and distributed ledger technology company today announced the execution of a definitive agreement with No Limits Consulting Ltd. (DBA: ANX International, ANX Technologies & ANXPRO) a digital asset exchange technology provider based in Hong Kong.

Brad Moynes, CEO of Digatrade Financial

Brad Moynes, CEO of Digatrade Financial said:

“The new two-year agreement supersedes all prior agreements between the groups and provides a mutual vision of growth and innovation utilizing distributed ledger technology.”

“Under new financial terms, Digatrade has re-positioned itself to continue its development with its core digital asset exchange platform while focusing on the implementation of new Initial Digital Offerings (IDO’s) for institutional customers, marketing, and brand awareness.”

A complete overview of the Digatrade 2.0 Core platform and new updates include the following:

  • Trade execution of transactions and support for digital assets including functionality for customers to deposit, withdrawal and buy and sell fiat currencies. This includes the ability for registered customers to send the digital assets such as bitcoin via email. The send-by-email feature allows for a registered customer to transfer coin immediately to another registered customer or alternatively transfer coin to a non-registered customer in which case the recipient will receive an email advising them of the pending credit along with instructions on how to complete their registration and redeem the coin.
  • Account balances and portfolio views for registered users to view their account balances and also view the total balance of their entire portfolio, priced in supported fiat currencies and multi-lingual capabilities and functionality that provides multiple languages to be supported with respect to the content displayed on the exchange platform.
  • The newly designed operator console provides access to a restricted, administrative area that facilitates the ability to retrieve information and export reports. This includes the functionality to search a user by email, first or last name and retrieving the associated metadata including registered email, first name, last name, company name, country, preferred language, time zone, verification status, two-factor authentication status, fee tier, VIP status and created date. The export of CSV files displaying details including verified users, unverified users, rejected users, and all users will serve as AML and KYC protocol.
  • Risk management capabilities including predefined platform limits on fiat and digital asset deposits and withdrawals, intended to assist in the prevention and reduction of malicious practices including that of a registered user having their account accessed without authorization. Digatrade offers three-factor authentication capabilities as registered users are required to log in using a password and a one-time SMS with a 6-digit verification code. To perform a withdrawal or amend user settings, users are required to provide a second password and a one-time-SMS with a 6-digit verification code to authorize the operator console.
  • Express withdrawal function provides the ability for a customer to perform a withdrawal without requiring two or three-factor authentication if under a user-defined daily limit. Upon the withdrawal limit being exceeded, any subsequent withdrawal would again require any two (and three if configured)-factor authentication. User defined preferred base fiat currency and time zone functionality to provide registered users to select their preferred fiat currency and time zone from a list of predefined options.
  • Digital asset wallet management includes hot and cold wallet management and the secure transfer and storage of assets that are held with registered user’s accounts. Account operation and the ability for customers to deposit digital assets and have their accounts immediately credited in addition to having withdrawals processed without delay. A deposit or withdrawal that has triggered any of the automated pre-trade or post-trade risk management circuit breakers include intraday hot wallet management, offsite key backups, and physical security would be screened. The platform monitoring and the operational overhead and support required to maintain the platform, including critical security patches, bug fixes, operational monitoring, DDOS protection, intrusion detection, server and network monitoring are all featured.