Bitcoin based trading platform Whaleclub now supports up to 200:1 leverage

Announced today from bitcoin account-based trading provider Whaleclub is the introduction of 200:1 leverage trading accounts. Users can use the elevated leverage conditions to trade any of the 12 FX pairs offered.

Maximum leverage has also been doubled for commodities, with most markets adopting 20x max leverage. The BTC/USD market now also offers maximum leverage of 20x, up from 10x previously.

In addition to the leverage hike, volume limits on most markets have more than doubled. You can now hold up to a 500 BTC active position size in each FX instrument.

Commodities volume limits have also been upgraded to 100 BTC each for Gold and Silver pairs. The BTC/USD market now also allows active positions of 40 BTC, up from 30 BTC previously.

Finally, Whaleclub informed of an updated range of new markets that clients can now trade using just bitcoin, including U.S. Bonds. Full details are listed below with max leverage amounts:


– ETH/USD (Ether / U.S. Dollar) 5:1


– USD/CNH (U.S. Dollar / Chinese Yuan) 200:1
– USD/MXN (U.S. Dollar / Mexican Peso) 200:1
– USD/TRY (U.S. Dollar / Turkish Lira) 200:1


– Gold/EUR 20:1
– Silver/EUR 20:1
– Gold/Silver 25:1
– Natural Gas 10:1


– US 2Y T-Note 50:1
– US 5Y T-Note 50:1
– US 10Y T-Note 50:1
– US (30Y) T-Bond 50:1
– Indices
– Russell 2000 25:1


– Goldman Sachs 15:1
– J.P. Morgan 15:1
– Snap, Inc. 15:1

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