Bitcoin denominated CFD platform 1Broker increases trading leverage and other limits, a CFD broker allowing people to trade in bitcoin-denominated trading accounts across of range of markets this week increased several limits impacting trading. Markets include instruments on indices, stocks, FX, BTC/USD, and commodities.

Started in 2012, 1Broker is a service from the company 1pool Ltd. a registered corporation in the Republic of the Marshall Islands. Operating within the cryptocurrency space, the company’s services rely on open-source software with over 10,000 registered users to the brokerage platform.

All of 1Broker trades are settled in BTC. This means that traders profit/loss is unaffected from the bitcoin exchange rate. Users will directly profit in bitcoin and avoid potential volatile exchange rate results.

Higher Limit Schedule:

A 1Broker spokesperson stated:

“We continuously improve the performance of our trading engine and our risk management strategies. This allows us to increase our limits from time to time. With today’s update, we raised maximums for nearly all markets. We also adapted the overnight financing rates for our BTC/USD market.”

Maximum 20 BTC 40 BTC
Maximum Leverage 5 10
Financing Costs (Long) 0.1923% 0.2692%
Financing Costs (Short) 0.0962% 0.00%
Forex Tier 1 Maximum 1000 BTC 2000 BTC
Forex Tier 2 Maximum various 1000 BTC
Stock Markets Maximum 300 BTC 500 BTC
Index Markets Maximum 300 BTC 500 BTC
Commodity Markets Maximum 300 BTC 500 BTC
Maximum Leverages
Gold 50 100
Silver 50 100
OILWTI 20 50
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