French platform Bitit forms new partnership with Cashlib

European Bitcoin platform, Bitit has announced this week a new partnership with Cashlib, a distribution network specialist. This partnership adds 35,000 new stores to its network of over 100,000 stores facilitated by an already existing partnership with Neosurf.

With both Neosurf and Cashlib onboard, Bitit’s Instant Bitcoin by Cash service is now available at over 135,000 stores in France, Canada and other European countries.

Bitit’s strategic decision to partner with Neosurf and now Cashlib is driven by the desire to extend its Bitcoin by Cash buying service to France and Europe as a means to increase the size of its network. The Cashlib partnership enables Bitit to offer its Instant Bitcoin by Cash service in 35,000 stores where people can buy Cashlib vouchers with cash and redeem it on the platform for Bitcoin.

Nicolas Katan
Co-Founder & CEO at Bitit

Bitit’s CEO Nicolas Katan stated:

Now French users will have the choice to obtain Bitcoin either through Neosurf or Cashlib. Until now, there have only been limited opportunities to purchase Bitcoin with cash in France. Bitcoin by cash market is only at its beginning. By using our network thousands of users can now buy Bitcoin over the counter as easy as any other product.

Cashlib vouchers are currently in Point of Sales with cash but also at online resellers by credit card. Available in various denominations ranging from as little as $25 to as high as $250 each. Once the voucher is purchased, users can enter the voucher code on Bitit website and redeem it into Bitcoin which will be sent to the user’s wallet upon confirmation of the code.

Amid increasing instances of credit card fraud, Bitit offers users with an option to protect their identity by not exposing their details online while purchasing Bitcoin. Using the platform’s Bitcoin by Cash service is as easy as buying a magazine from the corner store. Customers can make their Bitcoin purchase at a time that suits them in their neighborhood. They can now switch between two vouchers, choose the value and redeem it for bitcoin on the Bitit platform.

Through this multiple voucher options, Bitit aims to target the European and Canadian unbanked who need a fast way to use the latest payment technologies and access the e-commerce world. Bitit aims to become the fastest platform on earth to deliver digital blockchain assets to individuals and institutions. These partnerships take the company a step closer to realizing its goal.

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