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OpenLedger team member becomes Bitshares Greater China representative

A committee member of Bitshares (BTS) China, Zicen, recommended a worker proposal that aimed to create a professional team which represents Bitshares in the Great China area (Mainland China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau).

OpenLedger seeks to develop next-gen BitShares 3.0 blockchain

OpenLedger, the blockchain conglomerate, operating a decentralized exchange based on BitShares technology in addition to initial token generation services today put out a letter to users proposing a constructive collaboration to build the next generation of the BitShares blockchain.

Bitspark switching from Bitcoin to Bitshares for remittances

Bitspark, a crypto-financial provider for the APAC region providing blockchain powered end to end remittance services has announced it will be switching to the Bitshares blockchain from Bitcoin.

Chinese exchange CHBTC adds BitShares (BTS)

It was announced late this week that BitShares (BTS) transactions have been opened up on China-based crypto exchange CHBTC. The company listed BitShares on 18:00 on June 8th and the following day at 12:00 on June 9th officially opened web client transactions, with mobile app integration will be coming in the near future.

BitShares cryptocurrency Smartcoins Wallet now works with all BlockPay merchants

Munich-based blockchain technology company BitShares was busy all last month developing the new features and UI/UX on its new mobile wallet which was released recently called “Carbon.” The BitShares Smartcoins Wallet available on Google Play now has the new Carbon UI/UX which was designed to help organize the application better for non-cryptocurrency savvy people.
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