What is DeFi Returns? A new way of DeFi Investing

DeFi Returns is free to access, and there is a paid API with smaller granularity...

DeFiReturns is developed by Pods

DeFi Returns brings comprehensive up-to-date information on DeFi strategies and protocols, to easily compare and analyze their performance. Getting the most reliable data source for historical yield on DeFi, to help users make informed decisions when investing in the ecosystem. All data displayed is sourced from the protocol’s smart contracts directly.

The company’s blog states: “The launch of the new and improved DeFiReturns.com is a testament to our commitment to providing the most reliable data to assist you when investing and exploring DeFi strategies. We are excited about this new chapter and look forward to supporting you in your DeFi investment journey. As we embark on this exciting new chapter, we invite you to access the relaunched DeFiReturns app, explore its new features, and join us in understanding what real returns are in DeFi”

DeFi Returns (v2) The new app provides users with a straightforward method to compare historical returns from protocols and maximize their earning potential.

DeFi Returns is free to access, and there is a paid API with smaller granularity. Try it out! DeFiReturns

About Pods:

Pods makes structured products for crypto assets that are easy to use and seamless. Co-founded by Rafaella Baraldo, Robson Silva, and Guilherme Guimarães, the team has developed some of the most innovative and secure tools in DeFi.

The success of the products, security audits, and brand efforts, have set a new standard for building DeFi methods in this rapidly expanding sector.

Recent security audits conducted by OpenZeppelin further demonstrate the commitment to safety and reliability. Pods continues to focus on infrastructure and serving professional clients and investors looking to diversify their portfolios.

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