Bitcoin DeFi service platform ALEX raises $5.8M

ALEX was created by two female co-founders, Dr. Chiente Hsu and Rachel Yu, who both came from traditional finance where they've developed quantitative strategies for major Wall St. banks including Credit Suisse, Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, and Morgan Stanley...

ALEX, a full-service DeFi platform on Bitcoin via Stacks, today announced $5.8M in new financing led by White Star Capital with participation from Cultur3, GBIC, OK Blockchain Capital, and others.

The ALEX team will use the funds to launch its BTC-based platform secured by the Bitcoin blockchain. Currently operating on testnet, the plan is for ALEX to officially launch in December 2021.

ALEX is an open-source DeFi protocol built on Bitcoin via the Stacks blockchain

Aiming to bring full DeFi services to Bitcoin as a one-stop-shop platform, ALEX allows:

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