Trade Fighter: A new user-friendly crypto price prediction dApp built on Binance Smart Chain

The Trade Fighter concept enables users to choose which side of a trade they are on, BULL (up) or BEAR (down) of a particular asset over a time period from 30 seconds to 24 hours...

Trade Fighter is a decentralized crypto-asset price prediction app built on Binance Smart Chain (BSC).

The Trade Fighter application offers a user-friendly gamified platform of various token pairs to earn native TDF tokens for correctly predicting the price on BTC and ETH to alt tokens like DOGE, SHIBU, and INU.

While the Trade Fighter team works on adding more assets to the platform, trading pairs currently available for users include BTC/USD and ETH/USD.

How to connect to the platform can be seen below:

  1. Connect to the app with a Web3 wallet i.e Binance Smart Chain Wallet, MetaMask.
  2. Deposit BNB on the protocol.
  3. If chooses to be a BULL (predicting asset will go up) or a BEAR (predicting asset will go down).
  4. Pledge an amount to enter either a BULL (UP) or a BEAR (DOWN) contract with a specified duration ranging from 30 seconds to 24 hours.
  5. The minimum deposit for a price prediction is equivalent to $1 USD.
  6. Trade Fighter algorithm automatically matches BULLS versus BEARS and the user with the correct prediction gains of 97% depending on the prediction period selected and the incorrect user loses 100% of their initial capital.
  7. A 3% fee on transactions is taken by Trader Fighter.
  8. Users are paid out in the platform’s native Trader Fighter (TDF) tokens.
All that is needed to use Trade Fighter is a connection to the internet and a Web3 wallet. There is no tedious registrations process or KYC.

Example Trade:

When Trade Fighter cannot match a trade, the user will be prompted to ‘battle’ with the Trade Fighter Bot. In this situation, users predict as normal but against a Bot, if correct they still get 97% profit.

$TDF: Trader Fight Token

Trade Fighter will incorporate its own native utility token that will be used to predict on the platform.

Moreover, DEXs and CEXs can provide liquidity to the platform by staking pairs of TDF/BNB, TDF/BUSD and users will also be offered the ability to earn fees from the platform through providing liquidity.

With the introduction of the TDF token, the idea to drive demand high by fostering a strong community, from which the Trade Fighter team believes will lead to a successful (and liquid) token launch.

For more information on Trade Figher see the Whitepaper and go to the official Trade Fighter website.

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