Crypto app Osom unveils new stablecoin yield aggregator tool

Crypto app Osom unveils new stablecoin yield aggregator tool

Osom Finance, an automated crypto app, today announced the launch of OSOM DeFi Earn, a one-click yield aggregator allowing users to generate passive, predictable income.

DeFi Earn aggregates the best and most reliable stablecoin lending pools into a single intuitive user interface from an EU-regulated service provider. By utilizing reputable dollar-pegged stablecoins and proven providers, DeFi Earn mitigates the risks through intelligent diversification.

The platform works by automatically connecting to platforms such as Binance and AAVE, gaining exposure to their stablecoin lending pools, and generating interest on user’s assets. Osom converts users’ funds into stablecoins, which are then placed into the lending pools. Stablecoins can then be converted back to fiat currency at withdrawal.

“Yield farming via cryptocurrencies and stablecoins has opened up an entirely new wealth of opportunity. Crypto protocols, particularly those within the DeFi sector; offer healthy rewards to users willing to make their assets available to borrowers; while controlling the risks by ensuring appropriate collateralization.”
​​​​​​​- Anton Altement, CEO of Osom

DeFi Earn currently operates via two core stablecoins: USDC and BUSD. The choice of stablecoins relies on a careful analysis of the asset track record; while providers and protocols are vetted for their quality. Osom plans to add more stablecoins, as well as access to new platforms in the future. 

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