Do Not Miss Out The Private Sale of Solanax

Solanax is a decentralized exchange built on top of the Solana blockchain that balances the exciting features of the fastest-growing blockchain. The project resolves a long-standing problem with scalability and transaction throughput in DEXes, driving the adoption of DeFi products and services.

Solanax also allows users on the Solana blockchain and beyond to trade directly between themselves without intermediaries through self-custody or non-custodial wallets.

$SOLD Token Distribution

Solanax will distribute at least 20 million $SOLD tokens before getting listed on a centralized exchange. The project currently offers crypto enthusiasts and investors a chance to get a hold of their native token through their private sale which ends on the 28th of June. In this sale, Solanax is offering 10 million tokens at $0.1 per token, considering a three-month vesting period, or $0.15 per token without a vesting period. The private sale aims to raise at least $1 million. To be a part of the private sale and to get a hold on the tokens, contact Solanax’s sales team at

Do Not Miss Out On The Ongoing Private Sale Of Solanax!

Solana blockchain is substantially faster compared to its peers, and the ongoing private sale is an opportunity for crypto enthusiasts and investors to participate in this game-changer prospect.

Total Supply: 80 000 000 SOLD Tokens

There will be 20 Million SOLD Tokens distributed before the CEX listing.

Private Sale : Total available token supply – 10,000,000 SOLD

Period : From 06/06/2021 to 25/06/2021

Token Price : $0.1 with 3months vesting period

Token Price : $0.15 w/o vesting period

Initial Exchange Offering : Total available supply – 10,000,000 SOLD

You can contact their sales staff at for assistance with any questions you may have.

In the subsequent IEO that launches on June 28th, another 10 million $SOLD tokens will be distributed in multiple rounds with a target of at least $2 million from the offering. The private sale and IEO will distribute a combined 25% of the total tokens.

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