Solana stablecoin project Mercurial to get development boost from DeFi Alliance

Mercurial is developing AMM vaults with dynamic fees for native and wrapped stable coins on Solana, where it seeks to improve the liquidity for these assets...

Solana stablecoin platform Mercurial to get development boost from DeFi Alliance

Mercurial Finance, a project building a stablecoin infrastructure for the Solana blockchain, announced it has formed a new strategic partnership with DeFi Alliance. The aim is to improve the Mercurial platform in order to grow the liquidity of stable assets in Solana’s ecosystem.

In this partnership, DeFi Alliance will:

Imran Khan

“Mercurial is one of the core protocols needed to bring ample liquidity and usage to Solana’s DeFi ecosystem. The Mercurial team is also one of the most passionate teams in crypto we’ve come across with a proven track record. We’re excited to be supporting Ming and the team.”
– Imran Khan, Mentor at DeFi Alliance

DeFi Alliance has been one of the most prominent initiatives in the crypto community; helping to connect the best DeFi projects with one another, as well as top market makers in the space.

“The Mercurial team has previously worked with DeFi Alliance on several projects, and we have found them to provide tremendous value in the form of connections, feedback, and strategic advice. We are extremely happy to collaborate with them again. The core objective of Mercurial is to be the infrastructure for stablecoin liquidity on Solana, and we are really excited to have DeFi Alliance’s assistance to implement our vision.”
– The Mercurial Team

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