IoT mesh network Nodle (NODL) now cross-chain thanks to Acala XTokens integration

Nodle is a decentralized IoT network built on Polkadot, providing secure, low-cost connectivity and data liquidity to billions of IoT devices. The Nodle Network is powered by millions of Bluetooth-enabled smartphones that earn Nodle Cash for providing connectivity to nearby Bluetooth-enabled IoT devices and sensors...

IoT mesh network Nodle now cross-chain thanks to Acala XTokens integration

Nodle. a mesh IoT connectivity provider with a BLE-powered network to help companies and cities connect their devices, announced it will be integrating Acala’s XTokens pallet in its Parachain codebase to support Nodle Cash token exchanges between various chains such as Acala Network, Laminar, & more.

“For Nodle, becoming a Parachain would unlock incredible value for our continued growth, shared security, access to the Polkadot ecosystem, and it’ll give the Nodle Network greater exposure to the crypto community.”
– The Nodle Team

Acala is an all-in-one DeFi hub for a cross-chain infrastructure on Polkadot. The team is also building Karura, which aims to be the DeFi hub of Kusama Network.

Polkadot has proven itself to be a powerful network to watch. This is due in part to Polkadot’s built-in flexibility, scalability, and security. There’s been a ton of excitement around Polkadot’s upcoming crowd loans as well, which would allow Parachains to join the Polkadot relay chain.

Securing a Parachain slot will specifically help Nodle with: