DEX liquidity provider PancakeSwap now available on SWFT Blockchain

DEX-native BSC tokens can now be listed directly on SWFT Blockchain...

DEX liquidity provider PancakeSwap now available on SWFT Blockchain

SWFT Blockchain, a cross-chain exchange protocol, has announced that PancakeSwap has been integrated as a liquidity provider. A whole new world of cryptocurrencies and DeFi is now available for SWFT Blockchain users thanks to this update.

The update means that swapping to Binance Smart Chain (BSC) cryptocurrencies is now easier than ever. Before this update, any BSC currency listed on SWFT Blockchain had to be first listed on a centralized exchange. Now, that is no longer the case.


For BSC token projects, this means that they can now open direct doors with hundreds of cryptocurrencies on dozens of blockchains.

For SWFT Blockchain users, it means that if their favorite assets are only available on Binance Smart Chain or, more specifically, on PancakeSwap, they can now swap them to their favorite assets on other chains and back.

SWFT Blockchain users will now be able to swap from any supported asset on any supported chain directly to most assets on BSC. Because of this, the SWFT Blockchain team expects the number of BSC assets available on SWFT Blockchain to grow exponentially in the next few months,