YIELD App expands its DeFi banking solution to Avalanche blockchain

YIELD App’s investment platform will soon be available...

YIELD App expands its DeFi banking solution to Avalanche blockchain

YIELD App, an app and web platform that enables users to earn high returns from DeFi products, today announced its expansion to Avalanche, an open-source platform for launching decentralized finance applications and enterprise blockchain deployments.

Upon completion of the integration in Q2 2021, the project will capitalize on the active growth of opportunities in Avalanche’s DeFi ecosystem.

YIELD’s core product combines two key components its team found to be missing from most DeFi applications: a proprietary portfolio management engine on the back-end and a digital banking and wealth management application on the front-end.

By combining these capabilities, the app can constantly monitor and evaluate the profitability of strategies across the DeFi ecosystem, including liquidity mining, arbitrage, liquidations, margin/collateralized lending, and other income-producing strategies. It employs a sophisticated risk management process, enabling users to achieve their optimal risk/reward ratio. YIELD users can earn a minimum of 12% APY and up to 20% APY–returns are maximized by eliminating gas fees and paying interest daily.

“DeFi’s growth has been undeniable, but in order to bring it into the mainstream, hybrid crypto financial services providers, DeFi project owners, and innovators must collaborate to build better, more accessible products and services. This collaboration with Avalanche provides an opportunity for YIELD App to work with a best-in-class DeFi protocol developer and blockchain pioneer to make it easier for all investors to acquire digital assets and participate in DeFi services.”
– Tim Frost, CEO of YIELD App

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