What to Look For When Searching For Bitcoin eSports Sites?

What to Look For When Searching For Bitcoin eSports Sites? Are you looking for a site to place your first bitcoin eSports bet?  Before you do, you should know what to look for.

The rise of Bitcoin has run along with the rise of eSports. Both fields are changing the traditional ones they’ve come from: finance and sports.  If you’ve kept up with the latest crypto news, you’ll know they’ve banned together to allow betting on eSports with Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

This article will help those who are fans of eSports and wish to place bets — and use cryptocurrency to do just that.

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Can you Register and Bet?

The first question is: can you even place any bets on eSports with Bitcoin?

Make sure the site you sign up for allows residents from your location. Don’t assume they’ll tell you at the start either.

Some sights will allow you to register and deposit and might even let you play, but when they find out you’re not allowed to be there, they’ll confiscate your funds and freeze your account.

If you look at the list from the first link above, you’ll see right away which sites allow punters from which countries.

If you’re from the US, it looks like your best option is Betonline. If you’re from the EU then you’ll have more options available. Australian citizens should keep away from Stake, but otherwise the rest should be open to them.

Those top sites listed in the link offer various eSports, from fortnite to Call of Duty and even classics like Counter Strike.

Once you find a site that allows you to register and keep playing, then you’ll want to look for a site with terms and conditions that fit your needs.

Check out this great article from CryptoBetting on Best Crypto & Bitcoin eSports Betting Sites!

Deposits and Withdrawals

All the best eSports betting sites that allow cryptocurrencies will allow deposits and withdrawals in Bitcoin.

But what if you have other cryptocurrencies?

Look for Bitcoin eSports sites with a wide selection if you plan on deposits and withdrawals in soemthign other than BTC.

Also check the terms and conditions of the sites withdrawal options.

Some sites will restrict the amount of cryptocurrency you can withdraw. They will limit the maximum amount per day, week, and month.

If you’re worried about crypto volatility and want to withdraw as much as you want as soon as you want, then you’ll need to search for a site that has withdrawal maximums which fit those needs.

Another very important thing to watch for is checking if the eSports site has deposits and withdrawals with QR codes.

It might seem like a trivial thing, but using QR codes to make your deposits and withdrawals will prevent human error.

The Wall Street Journal ran an article showing that a fifth of all Bitcoin is missing … most of it due to human error. They wrote:

“According to Chainalysis, a blockchain-analysis firm based in New York City, about a fifth of all bitcoin—around $20 billion—is lost, most of it permanently. When people purchase bitcoin, the details of their transactions are stored in software called a “wallet,” which they can unlock with a personal-identification number, and that can be mistyped or lost.”

This human error comes from mistyping the address and not double-checking. It also comes from copy/paste that misses the first or last letters or numbers.

When an eSports Bitcoin site presents their addresses with QR codes, it helps cut down on those errors.

That said, always double-check the address no matter which method you use.

Bonuses and VIP levels

Another thing to look for when searching for the right eSports Bitcoin site for you — is their bonuses and VIP level structures.

If you’re a casual punter, you might want to search for sites that offer big welcome bonuses.

If you’re a regular, then the VIP packages should interest you the most.

Some sights, like Betonline, have a good mix of both.

Can you register? Terms & Conditions. Bonuses.

Those are three of the more major things to look for when finding the right site for you.

Find one you can register on and keep playing without getting your account locked.

Make sure the withdrawal maximums are to your liking and won’t surprise you.

Get into a site with a reward strategy that will keep you enjoying your time there and increase the bets you make.

That’s it. Good luck and enjoy!

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