Crypto intel and trading platform DXone raises €1.14M in private sale

The DX1S security token is regulated under FMA Liechtenstein, the primary financial regulatory agency of the Principality of Liechtenstein

DXone, a crypto intelligence, and trading platform, today has announced that it has successfully raised €1.14M during the private sale portion of its DX1S security token offering.

Funds raised in the private sale and the ongoing public sale will be used to further develop the company’s trading engine, charting tools, widgets library, mobile application, and market research tools, as well as to expand the international team and increase the marketing and communications budget.

Luciano Nonnis, CEO of DXone, said, “The DXone private token sale, launched in Spring 2020, at a time of great market uncertainty, and its success is a testament to our robust business model, platform and community. The lack of an efficient and unified standard for exchanges, market research platforms and data feed providers, has caused confusion for traders. Failing to facilitate seamless user experience, this disparity among providers has hindered potential traders from entering such an exciting market. The prompt closing of the sale demonstrates the strong demand among professional investors for an all-in-one market research and trading platform – featuring a regulated, revenue-sharing tokenized asset.”

Since November 2018, DXone has worked with European regulators and technology providers for tokenized securities to enable investors to participate in the crypto trading business. DXone obtained prospectus approval from Germany’s Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin), Financial Market Authority (FMA) Liechtenstein, FMA Austria, and FMA Switzerland.

Maria Cassano, an investor in DXone said, “Sustainability and trust in the company is a top priority at DXone. The use of security tokens is indispensable for a modern exchange, and, combined with an uncomplicated trading platform, it is a guarantee for a successful business.”

DXone’s dual-token model consists of the DXone Security Token (DX1S) and the DXone Utility Token (DX1U). DX1S provides investors with a share of DXone´s revenue via monthly payments. DX1U provides traders with an up to 50% discount on trading fees. The token holding model differentiates from the often used token spending model.

Mario Zehnder, entrepreneur and investor in DXone said, “DXone is one of the most functional, modern and easy to use platforms in the crypto industry. An innovative team, trading in real-time, combined with a regulated security token is the way to go in the future.”

DXone is a fully-funded and debt-free crypto trading and research platform. Following the private sale, DXone will seek to further grow its 50-strong international team and is searching for experts in cryptocurrency, finance, software development, and securities.

DXone’s public sale is now open. Investors can find more details on how to participate at

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