Gibraltar Finance joins International Association of Trusted Blockchain Applications

Gibraltar Finance, responsible within HM Government of Gibraltar for promoting Gibraltar as a leading financial services centre, has been accepted as a member of the International Association of Trusted Blockchain Applications (INATBA). INTABA provides developers and users of Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) with a global forum where they can interact with regulators and policymakers to expedite the development of blockchain technology.

In a bid to support European decision makers in their efforts to bring blockchain technology to the mainstream, INATBA actively helps to inform high level regulatory debate. The association broadly advocates for the seamless collaboration between national, regional, and global players in a bid to advance the policy initiatives that are informed by industry.

The Hon Albert Isola MP, Minister for Digital and Financial Services said, “Gibraltar Finance is delighted to be welcomed as a member of such a renowned and prestigious association such as INATBA. In Gibraltar, we are committed to maintaining our status as a leading hub for blockchain innovation in the global sphere. Through collaboration and knowledge sharing, we believe that we can work with other INATBA members to create the best possible environment for users of DLT to grow and thrive.”

“While the Covid-19 pandemic has curtailed economic activity globally, we are continuing our efforts to future proof Gibraltar’s status as a leader in the blockchain space. Even in the midst of this market downtime, we remain relentless in our endeavour to ensure that the jurisdiction reaches new heights in the aftermath of the pandemic. Joining INATBA gives expression to this ongoing effort.” concluded Minister Isola.

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